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Chassis Mount Supply Provides Programmable Voltage, Current Down to Zero

Chassis Mount Supply Provides Programmable Voltage, Current Down to Zero

The HDS3000 series of 3000 W programmable AC/DC power supplies from XP Power compliments the existing 800 W and 1500 W versions and comprises seven single output models providing all the popular nominal output voltages from + 12 to + 60 Vdc. These highly efficient supplies, up to 93%, allow the output voltage or output current to be programmed from 0 to 105% of nominal output by a variety of means. Digital communication can be made via I2C or RS232 serial interfaces and analog controls include using a 0 to +5 Vdc input voltage or by using an external resistor.

An output trim adjustment of ± 5% of stated nominal via a potentiometer is also provided in order to compensate of wiring losses, or to accommodate a non-standard voltage requirement. An always-on standby output is also available and is user selectable between either 5 Vdc / 0.5 A or 9 Vdc / 0.3 A.

Despite its high output power, the HDS3000 has a high power density and is packaged in a chassis mount format measuring only 14.7 x 5.0 x 5.0 in. (360.0 x 127.0 x 127.0 mm) including the bus bar output connectors and the variable speed fan. Using a variable speed fan helps keep energy consumption to a minimum, reduces acoustic noise when operating at low load conditions, and extends the lifetime of the fan. Signal and other control functions include Remote On/Off, AC OK, remote sense and overtemperature shutdown. Up to five supplies can be configured in parallel to provide a current share capability for increasing available power output or to build in redundancy into the end-system. A multicolor LED is used to indicate power supply operational status through a combination of color and flashing or constant illumination.

With its universal input range of  90 - 264 Vac, the HDS3000 is suitable for worldwide use. There is no derating until below 100 Vac. The supply complies with the internationally recognized UL/EN609501-1 safety standard for IT equipment and also meets Class A conducted and radiated EMI criteria as stipulated by EN55022.

The HDS3000 series is priced at $936 for 500 pcs orders.

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