Power Electronics

48V Flatpack S High-Efficiency DC Power System

Eltek announced a new 48V rectifier for its Flatpack S DC power systems to meet demand in the telecom industry for a high-efficiency power system that can fit into small spaces. The 48V Flatpack S is designed for applications like wireless base station, broadband, fiber-to-the-curb (FTTC), fiber-to-the building (FTTB) and wireless remote radio head (RRH) cabinets. It provides 95.5 percent power conversion efficiency and is housed in a standard-width telecom power shelf that is shallow (210 mm or 8.3") and only 41.5 mm (1.6") high.

The new Flatpack S rectifiers deliver 1000W of power and can be used in both the two-slot and three-slot Flatpack S power shelves. Additional systems with higher power ratings are planned for future release.

The Flatpack S shelves also can be equipped with 1000W, 24V rectifiers for industrial applications.

The Flatpack S systems are managed by the Smartpack S controller, which monitors all active components and batteries, and offers extra warning and alarm relay outputs for attaching other alarm sensors. The controller has a large display for onsite setup, status and log access. These functions can also be set and monitored remotely. The Smartpack S also features an extensive list of battery health and monitoring algorithms to extend the life of battery backup systems and ensure backup power when it is needed.

The Flatpack S DC power system can be configured for a variety of output power levels to meet individual application requirements. It can be flush-mounted or mid-mounted, has two plug-in battery breaker positions, low voltage battery disconnect (LBVD) and several load options. In addition, there is a pull-out drawer for easy access to the connection points and cable strain relief.

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