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2.4 kW AC-DC Supply Comes In 1U Package

2.4 kW AC-DC Supply Comes In 1U Package

The Series KLR from Kepco Inc. produces 2400 Watts of stable, controllable d-c power in the industry standard 1U package. Five models from 20 Volts to 300 Volts are available with a conventional rectangular operating area. Input is 180-264 VAC, single phase.  GPIB, RS232 and isolated analog programming are all standard. Ethernet control is a factory installed option.

Applications include aerospace and satellite test; telecom and IT; automatic test equipment, factory  automation; QA testing; burn-in; water purification; thermal process control; chemical processing; semiconductor manufacturing; battery charging and testing; electroplating, sputtering and coating, and new energy R&D

Pricing is $3275.00 each in single quantities, with availability stock to 4 weeks AR0.

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