40V Regulator Family Simplifies System Design in Industrial Systems
1000 Watt Linear Regulator Features 10 A Output Current
18V, 2A Synchronous Buck-Boost DC/DC with Dual Input PowerPath Control
Synchronous Buck Regulator with Output Tracking and Sequencing
500mA, 1.5MHz, 65V Boost DC/DC Converter
New Digital Controllers Provide Auto-Tuning and Fast Transient Response
60V/4A & 36V/8A Buck-Boost µModule Regulators in 15mm x 15mm BGA Package
42V IC Features Both a 1.5A and a 2.5A Step-Down Regulator Channel
Dual Synchronous Step-Down DC/DC Controller with Digital Power System Management
4-Switch Buck-Boost Controller and Digital Power Tools