Eight-Switch Matrix IC Controls On/Off/Dimming and Diagnostics of LED Array
Featuring the IEEE 15882008 Precision Timestamp Protocol PTP standard for clock accuracy in the subnanosecond range these highly integrated Ethernet switches offload both synchronization and communications processing from the host CPU Image courtesy of Microchip Technology
Cost-Effective PWM Controllers Optimized for Quick-Charge Applications
Bluetooth Smart System-on-Chip Drives Xiaomi's Innovative Voice Remote Control Unit
Doubled Flash Memory and New Security Options Enhance eXtreme Low Power PIC Microcontrollers
These tiny MCUs are ideal for touchbased batterypowered and spaceconstrained IoT and industrial applications requiring long battery lifetimes and energyefficient human interfaces Image courtesy of Silicon Labs
Zero-Drift, Precision Op Amp Simplifies Board Design
The PIC32MX12 series is designed for products with capacitive touch screens touch buttons or sliders as well as USB devicehostOTG connectivity Image courtesy of Microchip Technology
Bluetooth Support for Apple HomeKit
Fairchild Semiconductor Moves ON