Gold-Plated Terminations for 200°C Applications
Automotive-Grade Dual Inductor in 3232 Package
Thin Film Chip Resistors Offer 0.01% Tolerances
The CSS  CSSH Series can be used for lower current applications requiring higher accuracy Image courtesy of Stackpole
The T591 KOCAP is available in capacitances up to 330 microfarads and features operating temperatures up to 125deg C Image courtesy of KEMET
8 mΩ 0402 Size Chip and a 5 mΩ In 0603 Size
The main feature of the WEWPCC 760308102212 and WEWPCC 760308102213 receiver coils is their extreme thinness of just 064 mm making them suitable for use in wearables with space for relatively large coil areas Image courtesy of Wurth Elektronik
The advanced construction of the WSLP080518 resistor incorporates a solid metal nickelchrome or manganesecopper alloy resistive element with low TCR lt 20 ppmdegC Image courtesy of Vishay Intertechnology
In the standard version these devices are dimensional for nominal currents up to 1200 amperes Image courtesy of REOUSA