The T598 Series is available in capacitances of up to 330 microfarads and rated voltages up to 16 V Image courtesy of KEMET
Power Metal Strip Resistor Features Kelvin 4-Terminal Connection
Coilcraft39s 0402DF Series is offered in 25 inductance values ranging from 20 to 3300 nH with a 5 tolerance for all values It offers the lowest DC resistance available in a 0402 package Image courtesy of Coilcraft
TCB Series capacitors are ideal for acdc power supplies dcdc converters filtering decoupling timing circuits and pulsing circuits Image courtesy of AVX
The rodbased design allows the shunt resistors to better dissipate heat with improved thermal properties for increased overload conditions all without affecting measurement integrity Image courtesy of Knick USA
The thick film technology is now available in plusmn01 tolerances in chip sizes from 0603 through 2512 Image courtesy of Stackpole
Featuring capacitance values spanning 47microF to 1500microF and a plusmn20 capacitance tolerance JCAP Series polymer capacitors are rated for operating temperatures spanning 55degC to 105degC and are currently available with four voltage ratings 63 16 25 and 35V Image courtesy of AVX
These new ultralow profile inductors have core geometries and construction that enable high currents with no radiated magnetic fields to interfere with associated components Image courtesy of Pulse Electronics
1 Typical Wireless Power Transfer System for Battery Charging
The M8344636 inductor series is designed in a 0603 case size to support high frequency RF applications in military aerospace and defense communities Image courtesy of API Delevan