Book Review: The IGBT Device
The MOSFETs are targeting Ethernet network controllers and processors used in such equipment as routers network interface controllers switches digital subscriber line DSL adaptors servers and settop boxes Image courtesy of Diodes
IGBT and Diode Function on Single Chip Delivers Enhanced Reliability
Millimeter wave vacuum tubes including ones like the traveling wave tube TWT depicted here amplify signals by exchanging kinetic energy in the electron beam shown as a blue line with electromagnetic energy shown as a wave in the signal This figure represents a cutaway view of a TWT with all of the critical components electron gun magnetic circuit electron collector and the windows that keep the vacuum inside the tube while letting the signals flow in and out
Suitable for use in the frequency range up to 8kHz hardswitching topologies the new S series complements ST39s Mseries and Hseries 1200V IGBTs Image courtesy of STMicroelectronics
3 Power stages of GaN left and silicon right buck converters All images courtesy of Texas Instruments
Lowest Resistance GaN 650V Blocking Voltage Transistor
20 V Chipscale MOSFET in 0.8 mm by 0.8 mm Package
The platform has been optimized for high performance in addition to fast and soft turnoff switching in motor drives Image courtesy of Alpha and Omega Semiconductor
H and Useries devices offer low forward voltage and reverse recovery charge to reduce losses and increase efficiency Image courtesy of Vishay Intertechnology