Self-Flying Drone Dips, Darts, and Dives through Trees at 30 MPH
Combined with the GP 4 planetary gearhead the EC 4 becomes a compact drive for use in micropumps analytic and diagnostic devices and laboratory robots Image courtesy of Maxon
The Oslux SFH 4780S is only 24 millimeters high and achieves a typical radiant intensity of 2900 milliwatts per steradian Image courtesy of Osram Opto Semiconductor
Image courtesy of Maxon Precision Motors
Image courtesy of Texas Instrumnets
Pepperrsquos emotional functions are modeled on the release of hormones in humans in response to stimuli perceived by the senses All images courtesy of Softbank
Korean Team Walks Away with $2M by Winning DARPA Robotics Challenge
Gallery: New Technology Roundup Q1-Q2 2014
Non-Profit for Advancement in Robotic Technology Established