The hightemperature sensor is qualified to AECQ200 and designed for use in especially demanding automotive electronics applications for example in exhaust gas recirculation systems Image courtesy of TDK
IKEA has released several products based on the Qi wireless charging specification The company has embedded the technology in lamps tables and other types of furniture Image courtesy of IKEA
The LT8494 can be configured as a boost SEPIC or flyback converter Image courtesy of Linear Technology
The MAQ5300 is fully compliant to the AECQ100 quality specifications and is supported with the requisite PPAP qualification data Image courtesy of Micrel
Perovskite solar cells which are much smaller than traditional panels could soon revolutionize electric vehicle charging Image courtesy of Shutterstock
Qualified to AECQ200 CapGuard devices exhibit exceptional current and energy handling capabilities Image courtesy of AVX
The T591 KOCAP is available in capacitances up to 330 microfarads and features operating temperatures up to 125deg C Image courtesy of KEMET
The advanced construction of the WSLP080518 resistor incorporates a solid metal nickelchrome or manganesecopper alloy resistive element with low TCR lt 20 ppmdegC Image courtesy of Vishay Intertechnology
Regenerative AC Load Bank Reduces Energy Costs by 90%
The ESDCAN022BWY and ESDCAN032BWY are automotivegrade dualline devices that combine  an ultralow capacitance of 35pF and 24V minimum standoff voltage Image courtesy of STMicroelectronics