The PH9385 transformer series achieves 12mm creepage in a patentpending lowprofile compact 17 x 16 x 7mm surface mount package Image courtesy of Pulse Electronics
StanfordresearchershavedevelopedathinpolyethylenefilmthatpreventsalithiumionbatteryfromoverheatingthenrestartsthebatterywhenitcoolsThefilmisembeddedwithspikynanoparticlesofgraphenecoatednickel Image courtesy of Zheng Chen Stanford University
During the commute and on longhaul motorway trips people are most willing to delegate the act of driving to their car Image courtesy of Volvo
Featuring the IEEE 15882008 Precision Timestamp Protocol PTP standard for clock accuracy in the subnanosecond range these highly integrated Ethernet switches offload both synchronization and communications processing from the host CPU Image courtesy of Microchip Technology
TCB Series capacitors are ideal for acdc power supplies dcdc converters filtering decoupling timing circuits and pulsing circuits Image courtesy of AVX
Image courtesy of Nanotec
Synchronous Buck Regulator IC for USB Charging Qualified to Automotive AEC-Q100
The positive and negative LDO regulators can source up to 50mA of output current each with 100microVRMS output noise and their output voltages can be independently adjusted from plusmn12V to plusmn32V Image courtesy of Linear Technology
The MCP9600 simplifies thermocouple designs by integrating a number of discrete devices into one chip which also lowers board area cost and power consumption Image courtesy of Microchip
1 Basic reverse polarity protection circuit allows positive inputs and prevents negative inputs from reaching the load